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Stay in our hotel

  • For Swiss residents not coming from abroad: you don't need to have a covid certificate to stay at the hotel. This means that you can come to us even if you are not vaccinated and even without a valid (PCR or antigen) test.
  • For people arriving from abroad: to enter in Switzerland from 22nd January 2022, vaccinated or cured persons (2G) no longer need to present a negative PCR or rapid antigen test. However, people who are neither vaccinated nor cured must continue to present a test. Therefore, the 3G rule applies. The entry form must now only be filled out by people returning to Switzerland by plane or long-distance bus company. >> Link to new rules entering Switzerland


Seminar rooms

Meetings and seminars can take place without any special restrictions, provided that all participants are in possession of the covid 2G certificate (vaccinated or cured).

Would you like to organise a seminar in our hotel? Please contact us by phone on +41 32 727 61 61 so that we can inform you about the measures currently in force to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

You will find more information about the measures in force on the SCAV website:



Breakfast is offered in the form of a buffet. It is prepared in accordance with current health standards. We offer quality local products.

  • If you have a covid 2G certificate (vaccinated or cured): you can have your breakfast in our breakfast room.
  • If you do not have a 2G certificate: you have access to our breakfast room with the mask, only until you have served yourself at the buffet with a tray. Afterwards, the meal must be taken in your room. For your meals, you can also order dishes and enjoy them in your room.


Hôtel des Arts Neuchâtel - Buffet Petit déjeuner


Hôtel des Arts Neuchâtel - Buffet Petit déjeuner


Hôtel des Arts Neuchâtel - Buffet Petit déjeuner




Our 58 rooms are sober, modern and functional. They are tastefully decorated and provide all the comfort you might need for a pleasant stay. Throughout the hotel, you will find a selection of modern art prints on the walls that brings a touch of colour and modernity to the complex. Rooms

Hôtel des Arts Neuchâtel - Chambres

Hôtel des Arts Neuchâtel - Chambres